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Behavior Policies

 Orchard School Behavior Expectations



Be Safe

Be Respectful

Be Responsible

All Common Areas


Keep hands, feet and objects to self

Get adult help when necessary

Use all equipment and materials appropriately


Use kind and appropriate words, no put downs

Wait for your turn

Clean up after self

Follow adult directions


Follow “Ways to Solve a Problem”

Follow school rules

Be honest


Always walk in the cafeteria

Sit properly at the table

Keep hands to self

Allow anyone to sit next to you

Use quiet voices

Use good table manners

Clean up your area

Wait to be excused

Exit through the playground door

Playground/ Recess

Walk to and from the playground

Stay within the boundaries

No play fighting

Do not throw anything except balls

Use all playground equipment properly

Play fairly

Be a good sport

Include everyone

Follow adult directions

Follow the game rules

Use a pass to go to the office, library, and classroom

Eat, then play

Always use trash cans

Primary grades: Freeze      then walk to class


Classrooms walk in line

Use peaceful hands and peaceful feet

Hold the door open for the person behind you

Use quiet voices

Be considerate of other people’s property

Use a pass


Keep feet on floor

Keep water in the sink

Wash hands

Put towels in the garbage can

Knock on stall door

Give people privacy

Use quiet voices

Flush toilet once after use

Return to classroom or playground promptly

Arrival and Dismissal Areas

Do not arrive before 8:20 am

Use sidewalks and crosswalks

Wait in designated areas

Follow the directions of the Crossing Guard

Sit down while waiting for your ride after school

Arrive on time for class

Walk to line when bell rings

Leave promptly after school

Bike Area

Use a bike helmet

Lock your bike to the bike rack

Never ride in parking lots or hallways

Use quiet voices

Walk your bike on school grounds

Enter and exit through the primary playground


Wait quietly for the assembly to begin

Wait for the dismissal signal from teacher

Use audience manners

Sit on bottom and face forward

Follow directions