Orchard Elementary School


AERIES Parent Portal -new teacher info on-line

As you know, we rolled out the Parent Portal feature of AERIES last school year for updating student info.; for this year's returning/newly-registered students. 


A NEW feature this year, is parent notification of this year's teacher (of returning students/newly registered) at the elementary level. For parents who have or will register, that information will be available to them on the parent portal Wednesday, August 15th.


We will not be posting class lists at the front of the school due to privacy requirements.


Our technology Dept. will be sending out the required information to parents in mid August about how to register. 


Parent Portal – Benefit to Parent

  • Can provided up-to-date student safety information such as contact numbers, emergency contacts, health information, etc. electronically
  • Can view up-to-date attendance information


Parent Portal – Benefit to District 

  • Provides sites with current student information - including health updates, emergency contacts, and contact numbers.  In previous years, the updated emergency card information has not been completed until December, or later.  
  • Parents can view student attendance information – they will not be surprised when the absence letters appear. 


Posted by: Ken Ratti Published:8/1/18
Audience: Principals, Assistant Principals, Associates and Homepage